Linked Metadata as Uploading IIIF Images


I am creating a virtual exhibition with IIIF on Omeka-S, based on the photographs in IIIF in Getty Museum.

Now I have a question about uploading IIIF images on Omeka-S.

I found I could only upload info.json files and not the IIIIF manifest provided by the Getty museum. for example, like this IIIFmanifest:

and I have transformed it into info.json:

now the item can be successfully uploaded on Omeka, but the description data around this image is missing, which means I still need to input the data of the image manually by opening the “value” tab and editing the item.

So, is there any solution that I can automatically get the linked metadata of the image as uploading?

if someone is familiar with this platform, it would be great you could give me some advice.

Thank you so much!!!

There is no module to convert iiif json data into media resource data. Some modules may import json, but the conversion is always specific.

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