Link to a Collection with more then one image from a Carrousel


We are setting up a page with a Carrousel with some articles (articles that are collections), like

Arrow left, Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Arrow right

When clicking on Image 1 (that is a collection) and that collection only has one image - everything is fine.

Bit when clicking on Image 2 (for ex) and that collection has more then one images; for example 9 images, they are shown, but we want these 9 images to be shown as a Carrousel. Like

Arrow left, Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Arrow left

Click Image 2 (Image 2 is a collection with 9 images)

The nine images is shown but just without any design now. How do we have a Carrousel design on it like

Arrow left, Image 2.1, Image 2.2, Image 2.3, Image 2.4, Image 2.5, Image 2.6 , Image 2.7, Image 2.8, Image 2.9, Arrow left



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It sounds like you want multiple images on a resource page to appear in a carousel-like interface. While it’s not well documented yet, there is a Lightbox Gallery block you can enable on a resource page within a theme that is quite similar to a carousel interface.

From your Sites Theme configuration page accessible from the sidebar, you should see a button under your Current Theme to Configure resource pages. Click through and, from the right sidebar, click the Lightbox gallery block to add it to the resource page. You can then drag/drop the block to the top of the list to have it display at the top of a resource page (or wherever you wish to display it). Don’t forget to remove the Media embeds block if you don’t want the un-styled images to also display. Save the configuration to apply the changes.

Note that this is not exactly a carousel – although it allows for carousel-like scrolling between multiple images, it’s more of a black-box ‘viewer’ that also lets you rotate, zoom, and download images. Note also that this Lightbox gallery will appear on every resource page, i.e. even resources with only one image or file attached. That said, I think this is a lot closer to a resource-page-level carousel than they un-styled images on their own. Hope this helps!

Hi Matthew!

What a good answer, thank you!

(The new Future theme is very good - got info about it today by Zach!)



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