Legacy Upgrade Omeka 1.5 -> Omeka 2.4

I am in the process of upgrading a legacy theme for a project that has recently received new funding. I’ve got Omeka itself upgraded successfully, as well as most of the plugins sorted. But upgrading the theme is stymied by a lack of resources for Omeka 1->2.0 upgrades.

I am aware this things should have been done years ago, but funding and maintenance don’t always play nicely together. It also looks someone who worked on this before simply copied and pasted old Omeka 1 functions into a custom.php page instead of upgrading the theme… joys.

This has helped immensely:

I am particularly stuck on Exhibit Builder at the moment. I’m using as a reference:

And so - are there any resources other than the following for doing this work? I’m working through Omeka 2.0+ themes to find solutions, but it’s hit and miss sometimes.

When it comes to plugins, the upgrade process with customizations is much more hit and miss. So, there isn’t really general upgrade documentation. If you can describe more specific problems with the update we can probably address those individually.

Completely understand that with plugins that aren’t included in the main package, but I’m working with Exhibit Builder. It’s just scant documentation is really slowing down development. I’ve posted on particular issues, but this topic is asking whether there are more unified general migration tutorials / resources outside of the existing various documentation / fora that already exist.

The page you linked to is the most general, available guide that we have. Could you post a link to other things you’ve posted that we need to follow up on?