Layout options for Simple Pages

I’m using the Emiglio 2.4.5 Theme in Omeka Classic. I have Simple Pages for each collection so I can dynamically include collection items (new items are added to collections over time so I don’t want static pages) and using using shortcodes and sorts. Some of the collections have large numbers of files, and I’d like to not have long scrolling pages. What are my options for layouts when I’m using shortcodes?

The shortcodes are pretty much just going to output what they output with no layout options to speak of. Themes can change what’s shown for each individual item but there aren’t settings for what wraps around them really.

Depending on what you’re looking to do, you could use CSS (either by editing the theme or using the CSS Editor plugin) but ultimately with a shortcode it’s going to be all the output on one big page.

Incidentally, what’s your requirement or use case that you’re doing this in a simple page rather than using the collections’ own pages or browses?

It’s an image centered collection and the curators really disliked the default collection styling in Emilio, even though they love it for the rest of the site. I went with Simple Pages because the collections are not static, items get added to them over time, and I could do some groupings based on tags.
I’m going to try using the CollectionsPlus plugin to change the theme just for collections to see if I can find one they like.
Browse Items isn’t great for a collection that will reach over 200,000.