Language label for value suggest fields (?)

Hello all,

I am working on a bilingual website and I have the modules “Internationalization” and “Value Suggest.”

I can give language labels to fields that I fill manually, and then show only these fields in my pages through “Filter values based on site locale.”

However, the fields that are filled through Value Suggest, with LOC vocabularies for example, cannot seem to take a language label. Is there a way to add one?

Thank you very much,

The Value Suggest module provided a language input since version 1.2.0. What version do you have?

Thanks for your reply. I have version 1.9.1. I do see a small globe button next to the field, if this is related, but when I press it nothing happens.

You should upgrade the module to the most recent version (v1.12.1). There have been some fixes since v1.9.1 that should resolve the problem.

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Dear Jim, thanks a lot, it worked after the update.