Keyword search not working for some words?

we have issues on our omeka’s install with keywords not returning anything. It is working on some queries like for example: but not on others : It is not an issue with the public attribute because if you look at the first result list the second result is called “Les Armoiries de Bordeaux” which should show using the second query but there is 0 result !

I have just rebuilt the search index, ticking “Content” but it does not change anything. There are a lot of records in search_text table, any idea on what can be wrong ?

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This sounds like a quirk in MySQL’s indexing, where if a keyword appears in half the records, that keyword gets ignored. I’m not sure if there’s a good workaround for that.

One option is to use a boolean search, e.g.

A boolean search gets rid of that 50% filter.

Thanks to both of you for the explanations. It seems that today it is working fine, maybe is this because I have loaded some news records meanwhile and the number of records containing Bordeaux is now below the 50% mark. I will think about using the boolean option if I notice some new issues. Thanks.