Jpeg2000 and derivative images

I’m uploading .jp2 files to Omeka Classic, but derivative images are not created on upload.

In troubleshooting so far… I added the mime type and extension to Omeka’s settings. I checked with my webhost about its version of imagemagick, which they say is the latest version.

Is it possible to generate derivatives from .jp2 files? If so, what steps do I need to take to make it so?

It’s possible to make derivatives of JPEG2000 files, yes.

This is all down to the ImageMagick install, more or less. If you have server shell access you can try identify on a sample JPEG2000 file and see what it’s saying. The output of convert -list format should also be useful: when JPEG2000 support is available you should have a row in that output like

JP2* JP2       rw-   JPEG-2000 File Format Syntax (2.3.1) 

Other than working with your host I’m not sure there’s much you can do about it if support isn’t present, though.

Thanks @jflatnes

I looked at the output of convert -list format and I didn’t see JP2 in the list. So I just reached out to the host for more information.

update, in case this is useful for others:
Reclaim Hosting does not support jpeg200 on shared hosting servers.

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