Items not in item-set


I know the original omeka has a built-in way to find all the items not in a collection, is there a similar mechanism to find all items not in an item-set with omeka-s?



There’s a feature for finding items that aren’t in a specific item set, and you can use that in combination with including every set in the search to find ones that aren’t in any sets.

Obviously that gets a little tedious/onerous if you have lots of sets. A “in no sets” feature is a little different in S vs. Classic because things can be in multiple sets, but it’s certainly still doable. The question I think that’s given us pause from adding it already is how (if at all) we’d integrate it in the current item set search option that lets you do a complex in/not in search across multiple sets.

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Including it within in the advanced search does seem tricky, but maybe you could include it on the item-set browse page as link like, “View all items not in a set.”