Items are not being added to the api

Hi all, when adding items with CSV Import module, they are not being displayed on the “items” endpoint, what could be the error or configuration so that the items are added to the api.


Here I have 193 itmes, but 23 appear in the api


Are the items set as private?

When you go to the API with no key you only see public items.

Yes, public item set.

The user who created this itemset has global administration role.

Sorry, I knew right after I sent my last message it that might be confusing since I used the word “set.”

What I meant to ask is whether these missing items themselves are marked as public or private, not the item set. If an item is private, it won’t appear in the API without a key (or be visible for non-logged-in visitors to the regular site).

I give you an example of a items, and if it is public. (upload with CSV import)

In basic setting, I set public visibility of course.

but it is not seen in endpoint “items”.


So, I think probably what’s happening is just that what you’re seeing is that the API paginates: it only gives you a page’s worth of results at once and you page through it with query string parameters.

I assume you have your page limit set to 24?

Yes, I set to 24.

Now, I see that.
/items?pretty_print=“2 or more”

So I can leave no page limits, what would be the default so that the api looks complete?

The API is designed around pagination: it’s not expected to return all possible results in a single request. Item counts in the thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, etc. are not uncommon, so the concept of breaking the results into manageable pieces is just baked in.

You could increase the page size if you want more results, or use the per_page query parameter. But there isn’t really a switch to just turn the pagination off.

Thanks a lot @jflatnes.

I hope to launch my College’s open access repository soon.