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I’m surprised that within Item Type there is no pre-defined term for a document that contains “photos (still image) and text” since photos and text are so commonly combined e.g. brochures, pamphlets, magazine pages, flyers, product listings etc. I guess I could create a new item type but it would be nice to already have that included as a predefined term.

Related to the above, I am able to add additional Dublin Core inputs of course, so in this case, in the Type field I would enter “Text” and then add an additional input field and enter “Still Image”. But that doesn’t solve the problem of not having a specific Item Type to assign to that item;, again I’m guessing the only solution would be to create a new Item Type. Is there a “best practices” way to handle the above i.e. mixed or combined text and photos in documents?

Thank you.

The Item Types which ship in Omeka Classic come from the DCMI Type Vocabulary. Omeka users are always welcomed, and indeed encouraged, to modify existing and create new item types to match their needs. Not everyone choses to use the Item Type options.

Best practice would be to take the approach which allows you to convey information about the items in a way which serves your audience(s) and the overall goal of the site.

Thanks. I’ve noticed there are many projects that don’t seem to use Item Type at all, e.g. the Audubon Society. It seems as though all of the information covered in the Item Type is also covered in the Dublin Core for the Item itself. I’m wondering if I should use Item Type at all since there is that overlap of info.

Again, it depends on what you’re trying to do. If you were putting together an Omeka site of 18th century tea wares, there might be metadata you would want to capture and describe very clearly (for example: maker’s mark, hallmark, material, style, decoration) which might not fit very well into Dublin Core.

On the other hand, if you can get across every thing you need in the Dublin Core, then you probably don’t need to use an item type.

I see. Ok, I think I have it, thanks for your help!

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