Item Showcase functionality: link to page / URL instead of default item

I was thinking it would be really nice if there was the option to link each image in the item showcase block to a specific page in the website or URL instead of just automatically linking to the item. I’m basically going to have to do this for my website, so I’m wondering what would be the easiest way to accomplish this. Can I edit the program file in my theme in order to have this functionality?

Does anyone know where exactly the file(s) that constitute the Item Showcase are located in the application folder?


The Item Showcase layout lives in application/src/Site/BlockLayout/ItemShowcase.php and in application/view/common/block-layout/item-showcase.phtml (the second being the code used to actually render the block on the public-facing site).

I’m interested in your use case, though. Could you explain what you’re trying to do? It seems like you want to just be able to manually link, but also use thumbnails of media? The site authoring tools are one of the places where Omeka S is a departure from Classic, so we definitely want to hear where people are butting up against them and what they want to do.

Ah, thanks for pointing out where the files are located. That’s part of the biggest challenge for me, trying to figure out where certain functions “live”.

So, in a nutshell, this website’s IA that we’re trying to build will have different categories on the main navigation that will return a list of specific items (which I will base on their corresponding tags) - these items will be a title page to different books - we then want the user to click on the title of the book, to go to another page which will feature information about this particular book and then showing other pages from this book on that page. This is why I want the flexibility to be able to link to a specific page, and not have it go directly to the item level, which seems to be the only choice.

Also, I am trying to troubleshoot how to code a script that returns the string or value of an associated tag with an item - as I’m consulting the forum, many similar issues have to do with Classic Omeka - does the coding for Classic Omeka not work with Omeka S? I’ve tried some lines of code from this forum and so far I can’t find anything that works.

Thanks for your help!

I have an idea for a solution: to write code in the browse.phtml file that basically says something like, "for each returned item displayed in the results, contain the tag “Title Page”, then instead of linking the thumbnail directly to the item page, link to page containing title that matches the title of this item.

So, for example, I will create the page “/page/the-marriage-of-heaven-and-hell” and create an item named “the marriage of heaven and hell” that will also have a tag called “Title Page”.