"item" page has different colors/theme than "Page"

Recently updated to omeka-s-2.1.0. After the upgrade, when one navigates down to the “item” pages, the whole color & font theme changes. We’re using Center row theme, but the results are the same for all themes selected. Once you navigate to items, the entire color scheme changes. Could you advise how this might have happened or how I could fix. I’ve completely reinstalled from a fresh download with same results. Thank you!

Running Ubuntu 18.04LTS
PHP v7.4

URL : http://omeka.li.suu.edu/omeka-s/s/shakespeare-through-the-years/page/USFWelcome
Item URL: http://omeka.li.suu.edu/omeka-s/s/shakespeare-through-the-years/item/3137#?c=&m=&s=&cv=&xywh=-334%2C-1%2C907%2C379

The totally different styles seem to be coming from the Universal Viewer module. You could confirm whether that’s the case by disabling it.

I don’t know if it’s a configuration issue or a bug, though.

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Deactivating the Universal Viewer module totally fixed it! Thank you muchly for that advice. You 'da best!