Item lists - display and editing queries/suggestions

HI, I am doing some fine editing and cross linking of items for my PhD project and have some questions that may be development suggestions.

  1. Is there any way to change the columns that are show in a list of Items? We have to option to sort by identifier by the identifier is not actually displayed in the search result, which would be handy.

  2. Is there a way to save a search query for re-use? This would be a great help because when I delete an item, for example, the search resets. Either that or could Omeka S configured that the resets doesn’t happen (this does seem an odd default action)?

Any advice appreciated as I have a big job ahead of me to fine tune 400 odd items.


Users can configure what columns are shown in the admin browse interfaces, see the manual for more on this.

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Thanks for your response. For some reason I can’t see Admin Browse settings on my User Page - I have global privileges, is there something I need to turn on or ask our IT manager to do? Screenshot.

What version of Omeka S are you using? The column settings are in 4.0.0 and higher.

Hi, turns out we are not at 4.0.0 yet and that is being looked into. Thanks.