Item image is not appearing on public page

Hi all,

I’m trying to display images at the top of a given Item page when I view them on the Public Page. Ideally I’d like my pages to look like this: Smudging lemon grove · The Claremont Colleges Library Special Collections Online Repository

…But currently my items only appear as thumbnails under the Files field, buried under metadata:

I suspect I’m missing something obvious, but I’ve tinkered with the appearance and settings to no avail. Does this require a plug-in or is it as simple as checking or unchecking a box? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hello Myles.

Your site and the reference one are using two different themes, so you cannot actually expect them to act identically.
From what I see you seem to be using Thanks, Roy theme; you should have an Item File Gallery option in Appearance / Configure Theme, try unchecking it and see whether you solve the problem.

Btw: if I may, I suggest to change the color of the site title (“East of East”), as it is almost unreadable over the background image you’ve chosen.

Hope thish helps.

Success! Thank you so much, Daniele!

And good catch on the title/background. Still experimenting with the overall design and look.

Thanks again!

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