Item files as Items too?


We are using our Omeka to view older places of our area as well as view what they are like now and some places have multiple pictures. Our current ‘procedure’ is that we make an Item for the place, and we upload the files within that item.

Our dilemma is that we also want those files to be considered items, so when I go to items/browse, I can see all the items listed, including files within those items. Is there a way to have these files counted as items? We noticed we are able to edit the metadata for these files, and these files already have their own page, is there a setting I am missing to have them all listed in the items/browse section?

Thank you

What was the rationale that led to making each place an item? Would it make sense to have multiple items for the same place? Or use a collections for places with multiple images?

As far as I know there is not a way to have files appear in the items browse, although (with 2.6) there is an option to have links to files take visitors to the file’s metadata page rather than the fullsize file.

If you aren’t already using Collections as an organizational structure, I like @mebrett’s idea as a way to group things. It’s the problem of compound objects that often comes up, and how to represent them in Omeka.

There’s not really a setting for this use case, but a custom theme (maybe with the help of a plugin), could put together what you need. The theme/plugin combo could dig up the data from the database, but I think that would be significant code to write.

In the database structure, files and items are very different, so to paraphrase GhostBusters, it’s difficult to cross those streams.