Item/collection relations

I have few questions related to item/collections.
Please correct me if I’m wrong, as I understand 1 item can’t belong to more than 1 collection. Is this till true or anyway to change it?

Is there any easier way to re-arrange collection in the collection tree other than alphabetical order or if the box is not checked, than it’s just by the order it’s entered.


Yes, it is still the case that an item can only be in one collection.

With the plugin as it is written, the only options are alphabetical or date added.

This is the latest thread I’ve ever encountered about this specific topic.

I want to check in to see if there’s anyway now to associate one item with multiple collections (either when uploading an item or an item is listed in multiple collections if one is clicked on). We’re using Omeka version 2.5.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Items continue to be assignable to only one collection at a time in Omeka 2.5.


I would also like to know how to group items without them having to be exclusive to one collection. How can i have a group that share some items from another group? Is this what exhibits are for?

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Omeka S allows items to belong to multiple collections at once (called “item sets” in S).

Exhibits could be a way of grouping together items from multiple different collections, yes. If you’re chiefly interested in them being displayed together, just having them together in an exhibit could be a good choice.

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