Item Carousel Block module incompatible with Foundation theme?


I’ve been trying to implement a Carousel in the foundation theme and it completly breaks the page. But when i changed the theme to Thanks, Roy, it works perfectly, i’ve been searching in the code what could have happened but i have no idea, these are the configurations i have;

Any help is welcomed
Thanks :smile:

Can you also show a screenshot of the page being broken? Or do you mean nothing at all appears?

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With the carousel on:

With the carousel off:

The first thing i noticed is the fact that the screen became enourmus with the carousel activated, you needed a lot of horizonltal scroll, so i thought it might have to do with the resolution of the images, but i changed to some smaller ones and it doesent work either, and also if you change the theme, it works properly, so i dont know what or where to start the changes.

Thank you for the help!!!

Thanks for the screenshots. It’s a style flaw in the vertical navigation option that the item carousel exposed. I’m creating a fix for it that should go out soon in the next Foundation release.

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The latest release v1.3.3 is now available.

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thanks for the help, but is there a version of this release thats compatible with Omeka S 3.0 or 3.2.3 if i get more especific, if you know it would be of much help,

Thank you :+1: