Issues with Advanced Edit Item Tab

Is there anyone experiencing problems saving changes applied in the Edit Item Advanced Tab?
I’m having problems both selecting an asset as a thumbnail and changing owner: I can do changes but then those changes are not saved in the item.
I get no error.
Any suggestion about what I can check?
Thank for help!

Can you share what version of Omeka S you’re using?

The version of OMEKA S in use here is: 3.2.3

Do you have the Persistent Identifiers module installed?

We’ve found an issue with that module specifically that can cause this problem. If you do have it installed, you could try disabling it to see if that resolves the issue.

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Perfect! That was the problem: disabling that solved the issue.
I think I will stay with Persistent identifier disabled for now, even if a persistent identifier would be great to have in Omeka.
Many thanks for the effective help!

There’s a new release of Persistent Identifiers, 1.1.1, that should fix this problem.

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I need to upgrade Omeka S to version 4 before I can test the new version of the Module. I will update this issue as soon as I can make a general upgrade. For now I have disabled that module.