Issues setup biblibre Search Solr module

Hi ~

I am new to Omeka-S and try to add the Solr Search function to the site.

I am using Solr 0.10.0 and Search 0.11.0 , basically follow the steps from Search with Solr in Omeka S - #1 - Installation and minimal configuration

I have apache solr 8 instance running and connect with Solr module , but when trying to build the index job , it shows error : Omeka\Job\Exception\RuntimeException: PHP-CLI error: invalid PHP path. in /opt/htdocs/cspan/application/src/Job/DispatchStrategy/PhpCli.php:63

environment : php74 , apache solr 8 , php74-solr( php solr extension)

If somebody is more familiar with this module, please help!
Thank you!

the php Path is fixed. However there is another error :Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function isMultivalued() on null in /opt/htdocs/cspan/modules/Solr/src/Indexer.php:161
Stack trace:
any one has idea ? Thanks for help