Issue with Group module

Hi, I have installed the Daniel Berthereau’s module Group from Gitlab, but I have some issue with items and media. I have created a group and I’m able to assign it to item set but not to single item or media. They can inherit the group only if they belong to item set that is already is in that group.
How can I assign a group to a single item?


The module has two modes (individual or by item set) that you can set in your config/local.config.php by copying this : config/module.config.php · master · Daniel-KM / Omeka-S-module-Group · GitLab

Hi Daniel,
Items that are not publicly visible might appear to group members, but those items do not appear in search results of the advanced search module and do not appear in facets.
Our goal is to expose items in the front end only to registered users (guests). Those guests however, should be able to use advanced search to look for content.

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