Issue with adding a site to an instance (URL issue)

Hi all,

I have an Omeka instance with one site in it so far, and I added another by clicking “Add Site” on the Sites page. That worked well, except now the URL for that site includes the slug for the other site. This is an example of what’s happening:

I want the URL to be for the first site and for the second site.

Any thoughts about what is happening?

Is your Omeka S site installed inside a folder called “exhibit-1”?

exhibit-1 is just sample name. It’s not the real name of the folder. And, no - it’s not installed inside.

I installed the original instance with/via Reclaim. I could always contact them.

Typically an Omeka S instance is going to have URLs like /s/exhibit-1 and /s/exhibit-2. If you have some different pattern than that going on (without that first level just being a folder name), then I’d guess you’re using a module to do that? Does that sound right?

I’m not sure what you mean. I want the URL to be:

instance-name/s/exhibit-1 or instance-name/s/exhibit-2

That would be two separate URLs for two separate exhibits.

The issue is that slugs for both of my exhibits are appearing in the same URL. I don’t want that to happen, and I’m not sure why it’s happening.

My instance is called “Beinecke Digital Exhibits” (that’s the installation title), and I have one site in that instance. The URL is If I add a site to that instance, the URL becomes

I want it to be just

What I’m saying is that this looks very much like Omeka S is installed on your server inside a folder called “walter-o-evans”. Is that the case? If it is you’d just need to rename the folder to something you prefer, or move the install to the root of the domain.

That worked! Thank you very much!

Now there is another issue: I changed the name of the directory, and now it cannot find my IIIF manifests - I need to change the name of the directory in the link to the manifests, but I don’t know where that file is (I’m assuming it’s in a config file). I’m also assuming that it’s pulled in dynamically and not hard-coded somewhere?

Are you using a module to do that IIIF stuff? Which one(s)? I can’t necessarily offer direct support on most of that space as many of those modules are from outside contributors.

I’m using the IIIF Presentation module.

This one? Or something else?

The URL you’re showing there doesn’t match the IIIF Presentation module I’m familiar with.

It should be the same one.

Link to the manifest file goes here:

So, the “IIIF presentation” media type there, that doesn’t use the module, it’s just built in to Omeka S, and used for linking to and displaying external IIIF presentation manifests. The module does a different thing, creating manifests from Omeka S content.

Anyway, what’s odd to me is the “files/manifests” part of the error you showed. Did you place manifest files in there yourself, maybe? I don’t know of a module that works by putting manifest files in that location but it could be something I’m just not aware of.

Most directly on point for your question: the “IIIF presentation” media type doesn’t account for the manifest moving after the fact, so you’d have to create new media for these at their new location and delete the old ones.

Alternatively, if you are just manually placing the manifests on the server, you could have them and them alone live at the “old” location of walter-o-evans/files/manifests and then the media resources you already have should continue to work fine.

Actually, I did place them in that directory myself. I had to rewrite the manifests to get them to work. Using a link to the manifests on the external server did not work at all.