Issue in IIIF manifest as item media

Hi all,
I have problems trying to add media to an item accessing esternal IIIF sources, both as image and manifest.
For instance, if I try to import this:

I get this error in OMEKA S:

Error connecting to IIIF presentation: Unable to connect to . Error #0: stream_socket_client(): Unable to connect to (Connection timed out).

Can anyone suggest the origin of this issue?

Could it be a firewall problem?

It could be, yes. That error message indicates that we’re unable to connect out from your server to the given URL, that it’s just timing out instead of connecting.

So there’s some connectivity problem from your server. It could be a firewall blocking outgoing connections, sure.

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I can confirm it was a Firewall problem blocking outgoing connection!
Now I can successfully add a media via IIIF Manifest.
Anyway, I’m not able to create any thumbnail automatically: is this expected creating a media via IIIF manifest import?
I’m testing OMEKA S with the current version of OCLC CONTENTdm and this is the manifest I’m working with:
Do you see anything wrong there that can justify I don’t get any thumbnail?
By the way: if I load a local image or I use the tiler, thumbnails are correctly created.
Thanks for help!

Can anyone tell me if is expected OMEKA S to be able to create thumbnails from IIIF Manifest? Thanks!

The IIIF Presentation media ingester expects a thumbnail descriptive property, but your manifest doesn’t include one. Since a manifest may contain any number of images, it’s impossible to know which image to use for a thumbnail without a top-level descriptive property.

Got it! Thanks a lot for the explanation