Is there any way to edit the css design for one page specifically, not the whole site?

I am trying to create an about page for our site. Most of the content for the page is text so I would like to reformat and change the background color for that page only. I am aware that in order to reformat the text apart from the theme you can edit the css design. However, I don’t want to change the text for the whole site, only for this page in particular. Is it possible to insert the css code into the html editor to do so?

In the Simple Pages edit form, you can put in style information by directly editing the HTML (not using the visual editor). You’d probably need to turn off the HTML filtering on the security settings so it doesn’t get stripped out. A quick way to make it more manageable might be to just wrap all of the content on that simple page with a <div> with a particular id attribute. Then, you might use the CSS Editor plugin to put in CSS that targets whatever you need within that id.