Is there a way to reorder the blocks / metadata fields?

I don’t see a way to reorder the blocks on a page in the admin. I would expect one should be able to just drag and drop to rearrange them to prevent having to redo the page all over again if you had to. For instance, if you add an “item with metadata” block to the page, and then “item showcase”, but then realize you wanted to have “item showcase” show BEFORE the “item with metadata”, I don’t see a way to just swap the blocks…it looks like I’d have to erase and start all over again! Please say this isn’t so … :tired_face:

Also, I noticed a similar dilemma when you’re adding metadata fields to an item page resource template. We created a template, but then forgot to add “title” …so it appears at the bottom of the whole set, where we’d want it at the top! It would be nice to just drag the field to the top and not have to recreate the whole template all over again.


Hi there! you can drag and drop elements by grabbing the handle on the left side of the title bar.

Oh! Well that’s funny, those lines don’t show up for me on my end! But the important thing is, I can still click on that area and drag it. Thanks!

However, I can’t seem to do this with the item metadata fields :frowning:

Interesting…I’m not sure what to tell you. I can rearrange the metadata fields in my Resource Templates the exact same way.

What browser are you using?

I really appreciate you sharing your screen shot! Actually, that helped me figure out that I was trying to reorder the fields from the wrong page in the backend. The little lines still don’t show up, but I was able to move them.

mebrett, I was using Safari, 11.0.3.

Out of curiosity, which page were you trying to reorder blocks from? (helpful thing to know for tweaking documentation)

I was trying to reorder the metadata fields from the item edit page (see screenshot). I didn’t know you could rearrange them from the resource template side.

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