Is there a way to display all of the admin view in another language?

Our organization has a professor that wants to have her students, who are predominantly Spanish speaking, to use Omeka’s backend for a site dedicated for them that is all Spanish. This would include all of the admin’s interface. Is there any way to do this?

The Locale dropdown in Settings lets you select from a dropdown of available languages for the Omeka S core to change the language in which your installation’s admin side displays.

I did see that option and tried selecting Espanol [es], but nothing changed when I saved it to this. Is there another step I’m missing?

Ok, I see the only area in which language changed is the admin bar when you are at a page view…but once you click edit, everything is in English in the editing view. All of the buttons for “items”, “resources”, “site settings” on the left…“view” “edit” “save” at the top, all of the page module choices are in English.

Ok, I didn’t realize there’s a way to set a language for each USER , so that everything changes in the admin interface when they log in… that will work!

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