Is there a way add files to an item via an external url, without uploading?

I have a bunch of PDF files accessible via urls (like https://some.server/path/to/file.pdf). I would like to avoid storing all those PDFs on the server where Omeka is running. Rather, I would like to add those files into items as urls, without uploading them, but still having them treated as files, not as description fields.
Is there a way to do it? I failed to find the answer and there is no apparent option to do it via API either.

Omeka Classic doesn’t have support for hot-linking to files like that. There are options for storing them not on the server (like, there’s a built-in option for using S3 to store files), but not for never having them see the server. Doing things like extracting metadata and making thumbnails requires the file to at least touch the server when it’s being added.

You might be able to do something custom with just a file URL, with a plugin or a custom theme that embeds it how you want, but it wouldn’t be using any of Omeka’s built-in system for dealing with files.

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Thanks! That’s exactly what I was going to turn to as a second best option. Just wanted to first make sure I’m not missing some built-in solution.

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