Is Omeka MFA possible?

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I would like to know is MFA possible with Omeka classic at the moment i am using:

Central Auth

Version 1.4 by Bowling Green State University Libraries

Allows login through various centralized authentication systems.

But the security officer wants us to use MFA , but I do not see anything with MFA and Omeka, any help or assistance would be appreciated

Thank you

Hello Sarfaraz, I’m the author of the Central Auth plugin. Are you using the plugin to authenticate against an LDAP or CAS server? Our University’s central IT manages MFA for all accounts through the campus CAS server, and I am currently working with a developer from another university that has MFA enabled for their LDAP server. Is there any possibility your security officer can enable MFA for your single sign-on method?

I’m not aware of any plugin that adds MFA directly to Omeka, though I think it would be possible to code your own.

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Hi Kloor

Thank you for the reply
MFA for all accounts through the campus CAS server (Still in testing at our University), once they completed will implement.

Thank you

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