Is Omeka made for me?


I am looking for a simple CMS to collect, store and view files, something like an unsophisticated repository somewhere in between a social network (e.g. Elgg) and a library system…

Use case is for collecting (and exhibiting) local artwork, mostly from art class students - but note that this is a non-academic environment. An unpretentious Dribbble or Behance best illustrates the end-scenario.

I’ve had a go at Omeka with contribution and user profile plugins and I looove :heart_eyes: the ease of use and extensive documentation. Kudos to all contributors! Before delving in however, I would like some advice:

  • is this really appropriate to my project?
  • is it possible to add multiple images to one item?
  • would you have any recommendations?

Looking forward,

The best person to gauge whether Omeka works for your project is you. If the presentation works, and you like the flow of adding items, then use it. Omeka has been used for a broad range of projects.

You can definitely add more than one file to an item, however Contribution generally only collects one image per contribution. There are workarounds - asking people with multiple images to get them to you another way, or by changing the code, as discussed in this forum post.

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