Is Omeka Classic the right platform?

I am thinking about using Omeka Classic for a digital archive project that showcases artists’ archives and have some general questions.

Can anyone recommend projects that have used the Contribution plugin? C
In particular, I am interested in options to curate user contributed material.

Is the website interface customizable at all?

Also, I will require storage options such as the Amazon S3 service. I’m looking for up to 8 TB of storage. Does anyone know what this might cost? Do any of you have experience with the the S3 service for your storage needs. I am applying for grant funding for and need to have an idea of what the costs might be to to use this service.

I think Omeka Classic is a great platform for a targeted digital archive (I’m not sure of the consensus, but I think of Omeka S as a better use case only for large institutions with specific institutional needs). There’s a good thread on this forum discussing the differences.

If you’re using one of the default themes, the Contribution plugin is pretty much plug and play. If you’re using a custom theme and/or really want to control the small details, you can create your own modified templates for things like logging in, account management, etc., but that’s pretty straight-forward (be sure to copy the existing templates into your theme directory rather than editing directly).

The plugin templates are as easy to alter/replace as the theme templates if you have some experience with PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The Omeka API is well-documented and pretty easy to learn.

You can calculate estimated S3 costs at I’ve configured S3 sites but am less familiar with the pricing side. I think it depends on usage, which makes it difficult to assess if you’re not sure how much traffic you’ll have.

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