Is it ready to use omeka-s for production in the current state?

Next month we want to start a project with your software. There are features like multisite that have omeka-s that come in handy, but I see it’s still in beta. Is it ready to use omeka-s for production in the current state? Obviously we have in mind that there are functionalities that are not yet available. We have tested and we see it correct to use, but we would like to be sure that it isn’t a wrong decision.

I saw that the roadmap is not updated and the last commit was 14 days ago, does it have an approximate date for when the first stable version will be released?

Thank very much

We are developping our Omeka S platform since an early alpha version back in February 2016. It was a bit risky at this time but we feel safe since the release of the beta version in November 2016. I work on a daily basis on Omeka S version 1.0.0-beta2 and it is remarkably stable. Anyway, as for any software, there are some bugs that must be discovered and corrected (this is why beta version is made for).

You raised the most important issue: there are many plugins in Omeka Classic and it will take some time to rewrite them as Omeka S modules. What are the essential features for your project?

When do you want to switch to production?

I think that most of the plugin rewriting will be determined by need we see from the community (and hence funding for them). A lot of functionality from plugins has been built into the core of Omeka S, and some modules are being worked on. We have modules for

  • Mapping (replaces Classic Geolocation)
  • OmekaImport
  • Collecting (replaces Classic Contribution)
  • CustomVocab (replaces Classic SimpleVocab)
  • ValueSuggest (replaces Classic LoCSuggest)

And lots of similar importing options.

It’s always hard to estimate production releases, since we get lots of feedback on things we didn’t anticipate, but it’s safe to say it’ll be ready for the fall semester, 2017. Maybe earlier.

First of all, thank you very much for the answers (laurent.aucher & patrickmj)

We are a trade union with more than 100 years of history and we would like to start next month. The work is voluntary, so the speed of data entry will not be high.

We do not need to have all the plugins available to begin, we could start and gradually incorporate them when they become available.

While it is true that I will need migrate data from other software (webtrees), so either I use the import plugin or I will have to look for alternative way to directly insert the data into the database.

Thank you very much

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A good option for migrating might be to create a script that uses the API.