Is dcterms:title Required for Item Names?

I am experimenting with adding a new Vocabulary, VRA Core. I imported it successfully. This vocabulary has its own title element. But if I use that title element instead of dcterms:title, then my item displays as “[Untitled]” in the Browse and show item pages.

Do I have to use the Dublin Core title field to get my items to display properly, even if I’m using other vocabularies to describe my items?

By default the method $item->displayTitle() use the “dcterms:title” and it is hard coded.
You can update your theme according to your vocabulary, but it will not change in the admin view. So the simplest thing is to copy the same value in the two places.

Thank you for explaining. It would definitely be optimal to have the title display in the admin view.

Is there any way to fill out two Title elements (one for DC and one for my other vocabulary), but have only one visible in the public item view? Maybe by updating the theme as you suggested?

In Omeka Classic, each element got its own unique div id in the show item page, so I could just suppress an element from view with display:none in the CSS. But in Omeka S, the metadata elements don’t have a unique div id in the items/show page.

The plugin “Hide elements” has not been ported yet, so you can upgrade it (or ask somebody).

The easiest way is to copy application/view/common/resource-values.phtml in your theme and to check the property name to remove.

I thought I had asked this feature on GitHub but I don’t find the task again. We should probably ask this really… ^^

I still think this would be a nice feature to choose what property to use as item title.

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