Invalid MediaWiki API Error with Omeka S/Scripto Module Config


I am having a problem connecting an Omeka S site with a Scripto module to a MediaWiki site API and I need help.

I have an Omeka S (v. 4.0.4) site with the Scripto module (v. 1.4.1) installed.

I have a Mediawiki (v1.41.0 site installed on the same server.

When I enter the MediaWiki api endpoint URL ( into the Scripto Module config in the Omeka S site, I get the following error:

When I enter the MediaWiki api endpoint URL into a browser, it resolves to the MediaWiki Help page, which tells me the api endpoint is valid.

I am not sure how to resolve this issue and am grateful for any assistance in fixing this issue. The site is on Reclaim Hosting if that matters.

Thanks so much.

I can’t reproduce this on my own MediaWiki 1.41.0. It looks like your MediaWiki has disabled read access (see your siteinfo endpoint). Scripto should work once you enable it.

You could have inadvertently disabled it during installation. Check in your LocalSettings.php file. There may be a line like this that you can comment out:

$wgGroupPermissions['*']['read'] = false;

Dear jimsafley,

Thanks so much for your reply. That was indeed the issue. I made the adjustment in the LocalSettings.php file and the issue has been resolved.

All the best