Interruption while playing audio file

I am getting an issue when playing the audio file on Chrome. After we start to play the audio it will work for few seconds then it will stops and gives a blank screen with a sad face. Any advise.


Can you share a link to the problem file(s)?

It’s possible there’s a problem with the files themselves, or with the way they’re being served/requested, or something else, but it’s hard to say much without seeing it in action.

The issue happens only in campus for all the interviews. I am inserting here the error of one of the interviews when click on inspect:

  1. Ensure CORS response header values are valid

  2. A cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) request was blocked because of invalid or missing response headers of the request or the associated preflight request .

To fix this issue, ensure the response to the CORS request and/or the associated preflight request are not missing headers and use valid header values.

Note that if an opaque response is sufficient, the request’s mode can be set to no-cors to fetch the resource with CORS disabled; that way CORS headers are not required but the response content is inaccessible (opaque).


file2.mp3 warning
file2.mp3 Access-Control-Allow-Origin Missing Header

I hope the above will help to resolve the issue


here is the URL of our Oral History Repository:

I don’t seem to have an issue, at least on a single interview I looked at.

Were you saying the problems were only happening for on-campus users? If so I’d wonder if maybe it was something about the university network specifically…

With very large audio files like this, browsers are going to rely on the Range header and requesting the file in chunks, which is sometimes the source of problems. but again I didn’t encounter any. I also didn’t see any CORS issues… a same-origin or CORS issue would usually mean something wouldn’t play at all rather than working for a couple seconds.

Hana, I have also not experienced any audio issue with the two interviews I’ve been looking at.

Nice site, btw. Just noticed a few glitches you might want to look at:

  • in some transcripts there seems to be bunches of letter “a” spread around randonmly (see f.i. Interview with Hussain Al-Youha · AUK Oral History);

  • the search icon is not visibile (probably, Omeka was updated but not references to FontAwesome in the theme) (see picture);

  • the texts in About the Project · AUK Oral History are in bold, while all other texts in the site seem not be in bold style;

  • in home page, some text is overlapping item title (see picture)

Hope this helps.

Dear Daniele,

Thank you for your notices. regarding the font, i was trying to change it to FontAwesome, but could not find where to do the changes on the Theme. We are using the Philly theme. I will fix the other notices.


The file to edit is css/style.css

See Fontawsone search button icon missing on public page header - #3 by kickmaleerie for more info

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