Internationalisation module upgrade? or equivalent?

We are working with databases that are in 3 different languages and to manage them up until now we used the Internationalisation module, but once we upgraded to Omeka S it no longer available. Someone knows if there any plans in upgrading the module or if there is a substitute of it?

Thanks a lot!

thank you for your answer, but the question that’s been asked there is for an older version of Omeka S wich we alredy know that works, and the last update in that post is from 3 years ago, thank you anyway and i’ll ask there too if someone has an answer!

What plugin(s) were you using with Classic? I’m not aware of one called “Internationalisation,” though I do know of one with that name for Omeka S.

In general, S provides more language tools out of the box: you can choose different languages for different sites in the same installation and provide metadata in multiple languages in a single resource, both things Omeka Classic didn’t provide.

There’s still some usage of modules/themes to support or enhance multi-language installs in Omeka S, though. In particular, the core doesn’t provide a “switcher” for language between different sites.

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The module Internationalisation is available for Omeka S v4.

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Thank you for the update! but in my computer it has a problem installing, i dont know where is the problem im in omeka v3.2.3, maybe its the version?:

Last version of the module is You should rename the directory as “Internationalisation” and preferably use the release, because the master on the main pager does not contain dependencies.

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Internationalisation adds a switch between sites and a way to link pages from a site with another sites. It can manage complex fallback languages when a language is missing or when a metadata is not translated.

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Thanks for everything Daniel, it installed perfectly :star_struck: