Installing Omeka VRA Core in a WordPress Site


I am an MSc ILS student and as part of our course we are creating a website for a small museum in the Scottish Highlands. So far we have built a site for them on WordPress, but we are struggling to implement Omeka Classic- VRA Core in order to add metadata to the site. As shown in the screen shot, after uploading, our version of WordPress is not accepting the plugin. Any help and/or advice would be much appreciated!

Omeka is a completely separate software platform than WordPress, so you can’t install Omeka plugins on a WordPress site. You need to install the Omeka Classic core software (which you certainly could do in a sub folder of your WordPress install), and then you would add the VRA Core plugin to the Omeka installation.

Thanks for replying! I’ve been in touch with my course convenor and the IT support, and am waiting to see what they think. That is definitely a possibility going forward, though!

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