Installing Google Analytics: please help!

Hi, all.

Apologies – I’m trying to set up Google Analytics and I’m out of my depth.

I installed the plugin and copied and pasted the Google ID to my Omeka account.

I think that I now need to copy and paste Google tag to header.php? From an earlier post I saw, I think you do that under Appearance, but beyond that, I’m lost.

So, 1) is it enough to install the plugin, or do I need to copy and paste the code from Google? And 2) if the answer is I need to copy and paste the Google tag, where/how do I do this?

The Google Analytics module for Omeka S is written by someone else, but in general, with that kind of module/plugin, you don’t need to put the google script tag in anywhere yourself. The module does that for you, and you only need to give it the property/tracking/analytics/whatever ID in the module’s settings.

Hi there Meredit!

You have available our “Google Analytics” Module for Omeka S:

It’s pretty simple to use. The module allows to insert the Google Analytics tracking code in the module settings. The script for Google Analytics will be included in all public views when user is not logged in. The tracking code can be inserted for the whole Omeka S installation at the module settings. Sites can be assigned different tracking codes at the site settings page. Inputting “-” completely disables Google Analytics for that site:

Hope it works for you!