Installatron release schedule

I manage a bunch of Omeka installations across several servers, many of which use Installatron and have auto-updates turned on. I have a few questions regarding how this works.

  1. How long does it generally take for Installatron to begin offering a new release of Omeka?
  2. Is there a way to track when a new Omeka release is available in Installatron?
  3. Who is responsible for updating the installers for new versions (the Omeka team or Installatron or server hosts, etc.)?

I know there’s an RSS feed and it appears that Installatron typically tweets out all new releases. (I just set up a Zapier action to try to narrow it down to just tweets by Installatron mentioning Omeka). But if there’s some other more reliable way to be notified when a new release is pending/available, that would be good to know.

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Hi Erin,
We certainly play no role in the Installatron updates. My understanding is that it’s controlled by the hosts.

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