Installation Troubleshooting for Omeka-2.5.1

Dear Omeka Forums,

I wonder if anyone can help as I am trying to install Omeka-2.5.1 onto my Living Refugee Archive website hosted by JustHost.

I have been trying to install the Omeka software into a sub-domain of my Living Refugee Archive. I have been following the Omeka Installation Codex). I have uploaded the Omeka files to the sub-domain at public_html/ folder at “omeka[dot]livingrefugeearchive[dot]org/omeka-2.5.1”

I have also updated the db.ini file as requested as follows:

host = "localhost"
username = "[redacted]"
password = "[redacted]"
dbname = “[redacted]”

However when I go to the link to complete installation I get the message: Index of /favicon.ico Apache Server at www[dot]omeka[dot]livingrefugeearchive[dot]org Port 80. I’m not sure what I have done wrong as I am not an expert in this.

Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks and best regards,

Paul Dudman

You have to check the documentation of your provider. There is probably an option to make the link between the directory and the url.

Instead of Omeka, try first to upload a simple file like readme.txt or index.html file in the same directory than the one where the favicon is. When you will access to this file from your browser, you will know where to install Omeka.