Installation on Windows/Xampp

Hello to everyone…

I’ve just installed Omeka and I am about to star using it in earnest. Before I’ll embark on that journey, I’d like to bring up an issue relating to the installation advise given on the site. For Omeka classic, the system requirements state that the software has to be installed on a Linux/Unix System.

This however is not correct, Omeka classic (like Omeka S apparently) can easily be installed on a Xampp/Windows system, which for development purposes (deployment is another thing…) ist just fine. Whatever the reasons for omitting this information, ( the sentiments expressed in the Omeka S user manual indicate that they might be ideological in nature) , it is clearly a disservice.
Had I not come across the advice here:

I would now not be using this package.

Be this as it may, …a big ‘thank you’ to all involved in bringing about Omeka. Without it, my next Project would not be my ‘next project’.

cheers, csemel

I started out the same way running Omeka on Widows but I hit problems when trying to using Imagemagick. I also found, when developing code to extend the functionality, that PHP on Windows doesn’t always operate in exactly the same way as it does on Linux. Whilst you might well get Omeka running this doesn’t mean all the plugins that you may wish to use in the future will also operate. Running Omeka on Linux under VirtualBox on a Windows machine could well give you fewer issues in the future.

Hello gwizz,
sorry for my late reply… I have been away for a while. ‘VirtualBox’ seems to be an interesting suggestion and I will look into it. I have got Omeka-s 3.01 running on Xampp now, but development has just started and one potential issue with a module (Universal Viewer) has already come up. Don’t know whether this is bec. of Win/Xampp. Perhaps Win/Xampp is not a Win/Win situation : )

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