Installation of imagemagick and its settings so that omeka can generate and create thumbnail images on windows OS platform

Hai everyone,

If you still insist on installing omeka on windows os :grinning: or windows server :+1: platform, and want to hope imagemagick can generate or create thumbnails on omeka. you can follow the guide below. I use Omeka v.3.0.3 installation on environment windows 7 Service pack 1 [64 bit], and used XAMPP Version 7.4.29

Software or files requirements:

  1. PHP extension [php-imagick] and binary (core & coder) imagick []
    [available for PHP 7.4, 8.0 and 8.1 version] [PECL :: Package :: imagick 3.7.0 for Windows]
    [available for PHP5 - PHP8 version] [Install the ImageMagick PHP extension in Windows | mlocati - Michele Locati]

  2. Imagemagick Binary Distribution [ImageMagick-7.1.0-43-Q16-HDRI-x64-dll.exe] [ImageMagick – Download]

  3. Ghostscript for pdf interpreter [gs9561w64.exe] [Ghostscript : Downloads]

(if it’s not clear, you can watch this video

  1. Enable php_imagick extension on PHP
  • Copy “php_imagick.dll” file to C:\xampp\php\ext

  • Copy binary Imagick (core and coders) Imagick (all files with name “CORE_RL_xxx.dll” and “IM_MOD_RL_xxx_.dll” files include FILTER_analyze file) to C:\xampp\apache\bin

  • Configuration php.ini with notepad++ to add extension [C:\xampp\php\php.ini] -at list Dynamic Extensions add a line [lines between 913-138]:

    extension=imagick [without semicolon “;”]

  • Save php.ini, and restart apache service control panel.

  • then check the extension in phpinfo: http://localhost/dashboard/phpinfo.php, if it goes well, the list of php extensions should show imagick extension and its description.

  1. Installing imagemagick binary with checklist install legacy utilities (e.g convert) and make sure setting installing path to [C:\ drive]
    edit installing path from
    C:\Program Files\ImageMagick-7.1.0-Q16-HDRI

  2. Installing Ghostscript [install software normally or without special rules]

  3. Edit ExternalImageMagick.php file with notepad++. this file can be found in C:\xampp\htdocs\omeka\application\libraries\Omeka\File\Derivative\Strategy\ExternalImageMagick.php

    at line 16
    const IMAGEMAGICK_CONVERT_COMMAND = 'convert';
    change :
    const IMAGEMAGICK_CONVERT_COMMAND = 'convert.exe';

    and then, at line 42

    Save and restart apache service on xampp.

  4. Finally, set ImageMagick Directory Path in tab settings omeka, [see step 2] fill with “C:\ImageMagick-7.1.0-Q16-HDRI” then Test! The ImageMagick directory path works.

  5. Test it out! try adding items and uploading an image or pdf file in omeka. then add items. it should omeka can create a thumbnail image.

if an error message appears when apache start on xampp:
Error: VCOMP100.DLL/VCOMP110.dll/VCOMP120.dll/VCOMP140.dll is missing from your computer.
Error can be solved by installing Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable