Installation error - site can't be reached

I’m trying to install omeka-s from the instructions at which are pretty sketchy. I direct my browser to the directory and get the error This site can’t be reached - connection timed out.

I added mysql info to database.ini, the files dir is writable by Apache. I’m running Red Hat 7.4, mariadb 5.5.56-2 and php 5.6.25. There is no direction on where to unzip the software so my omeka-s dir is under /var/www. I also tried putting the omeka-s dir under /var/www/html.

I put the following url in my browser and eventually get the timeout error:

I’ve looked through all the install questions on the forum and can’t figure out what I’m missing. Are there more complete install directions for omeka-s that I am missing?

Jack Drost

So, does your server serve files from /var/www, or /var/www/html? This differs from server to server so we can’t tell you that one is right and one is wrong. My recollection is that it should be /var/www/html but this is all configurable too, of course.

Your server also times out (at least for me) when visiting so your issue might not necessarily be Omeka-specific.

I do see that there seem to be a few things we could be more explicit about in those installation instructions, though.