Installation apparently correct but menu tabs not working

Hi! I just installed Omeka S 4.0.4 on an Ubuntu server (18.04) and apparently everything is fine. I can login as administrator and install and activate Themes and Modules. However, I cannot access to some parameters of the configuration pages (like profile accounts or new item) which have additional tabs. The first tab is always accessible but when I click on the others nothing happens (url changes, adding a #tab, but the information on screen stays the same). I can accept or save the settings I have entered, but I am not able to access the rest of the parameters. Any idea?

This seems like a Javascript problem of some sort. Are you seeing errors in your browser’s Javascript console?

Thanks jflatnes, you’re right! The JS console is full of warnings and errors. Mainly, it doesn’t seem to find jQuery and something about Content Security Policy. I’m now trying to find the solution. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.