Install Omeka in cPanel


I am trying to install omeka classic on cPanel.
I follow the steps listed here on the site.
I created a folder on cPanel ( where I added the file with the correction of the db.ini file.
I got to step 7. How do I know what url I need to run in order to install omeka?

If you can help please write.

It depends on your server, your domain name, what folder you installed Omeka in. You might check with your host if you’re not sure what address your site is located at.

I created the domain
My root document is Within it, there is a folder named omeka and there is located the omeka installation. When I run it on the browser, gets the image from the photo I send you.

I don’t think I can give any more specific advice. You’ll want to check to make sure things are in the right folder on your host that web content is served from. Your host’s support will probably be more help here than we will.