Inserting an image into the footer using themes

I am trying to insert an image (logo) in the footer section to display as part of the theme. I tried inserting the image into the footer text, in the configure theme section using HTML, which did not work. I then tried attaching this code, using <img> tags, to the source code of the our Omeka site. This also did not work.

Is there any other methods of getting the image into the footer section. Please help.

What do you mean when you say you tried attaching your image code to the source code of your site? What exactly did you try?

It not working in the footer text theme setting is probably down to the HTML filtering settings for your site (in Settings > Security). You can add img to the list of allowed elements and img.src to the list of allowed attributes. (or simply disable filtering but it’s usually a better idea to just tweak the allowed lists).

Thanks for the response.
I added those tags to the element and attribute list. I then tried adding the HTML code to the footer text, it displays the picture (in the footer text area in the appearance settings) but once i press ‘save changes’ the image disappears from the footer text.

This is the format of my HTML code I am trying to add:

<img alt= "" title="" src="" style = "">

You can try just turning off filtering to see if that’s what’s doing it… it probably is.

That done the job. Only problem is I do not want to allow any tags to be added. Any specific tags that you think should be added that’ll allow images. I only use the img tag in my code. Is there any I’m over looking ?

Make sure you’re including all the attributes you’re using to the attributes list. img.title, img.alt, and so on.

All the attributes are included but still a no show if the HTML filtering is ticked. Also do you know how to add an image to the footer as it seems to be a separate field to footer text (I need to be in the footer section)