Ingesting image and pretiled version (for ImageServer)

Hi, especially @Daniel_KM,

I am working with a Omeka S install on a “limited” server, that has no vips and no abundance of memory. I still want to display huge media (often maps), sometimes in exotic formats like ecw or mrsid and, anyhow, mostly they are way to big to handle for the (ImageMagic based) tiler built in ImageServer.
So my solution would be to ingest the original (exotic format), thumbnail (asset) and a pretiled version (in my case offline pretiled into tiled jp2), all separately.

As far as I can see, there is at the moment, no functionality to do an explicit ingest of a pretiled image version, accompanying a Media ingest.
My question is: what would be a neat way to facilitate the separate ingestion of pretiled versions?

(1) My first idea was to adapt the Tiler Ingest code to make this an (advanced) option at Admin/Media edit form. And have the associated tiler code work accordingly. But maybe there is a nicer, more generic way to go?

(2) An alternative solution, with its own merits, would be to ingest the pretiled version as a separate Media (linked to the same Item as the original Media of course) and force the ImageServer somehow to regard it as a (both an original and) pretiled version.
This would also require some changes to the ImageServer interface (to select check it as
‘original-is-pretiled’ and ImageController to work accordingly.

I favor alternative (1) as it is fully compatible with a automatically tiled ingestion.

Any hints what to favour or alternative solutions?

p.s. When working on my Openjpeg2 tileserver I found some problems with the ImageServer (v I raised 3 issues at gitlab, but didnot see any replies yet.


To follow up my own post for those who may encounter the same problem:

I found that nice solution was to code a new “mutable” Tile ingester(PTI Tile), thus one that implements the MutableIngesterInterface. Then it is relatively easy to allow for ingesting a new (externally prepared) pre-tiled image and use it as tile for a Media previously ingested with this PTI Tile ingester.

The Omeka S ingester structure makes the integration quite easy it appeared :slight_smile:

Unfortunately this solution provides this adding of pretiled tile images, still only for Media previously ingested by the new PTI Tile ingester. Media ingested with another ingester (like Url or Upload or Tile) will not show the update feature.

So yet another problem to solve…

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