Indexing issue?

When searching for known items on one of my Omeka-S sites using the site search, expected items are not showing up in results.

For example, a search for the term “Ziggy’s” should return 90 results (and does when using the Advanced Search Module), however when using the basic site search it only gives one result.

I’ve tried checking “Index full-text search” under Admin but that hasn’t resolved the issue.

Attached here are screenshots of my global and site search configs.

Any help is much appreciated!

It looks like you only have 4 public items assigned to that site: see the results with no filters applied.

It looks like the 1 result you’re seeing is just the 1 of those 4 that matches your query.

Edit: or, actually, a more likely problem: there’s a setting you can turn on in your site that makes the browse pages (which includes search results) only show results that are attached on a “page”, the exhibit-type user-editable pages. If you’ve turned that setting on, it would explain this issue. The setting is “Restrict browse to attached items” and you’ll find it in the “Browse” section of the site settings panel.

Unchecking “Restrict browse to attached items” did it. Thanks so much!