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I am using several installations of Omeka Classic on 2 different servers. I have noticed that one of them, unlike the other ones, is not indexed in Google, though it exists and is updated regularly for many months already:
Could you suggest some tips for solving this?
Thanks a lot

It could just be a simple case of you having few or no links to your site on other pages for Google to pick up on.

You can use Google’s own tools which let you do things like requesting that Google crawl a URL, or just seeing what Google’s index of your site looks like and if there are issues.

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We had issues having Google index a site with many items. The way we solved the issue was by using the Google Search Console to submit a sitemap.xml file. I created a very minimal plugin that simply generates a sitemap.xml file in the root of an Omeka site listing the URL to every item. When submitted to the Search Console, it should at least make sure that the pages appear in Google’s index.

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Hi Kloor,
Huge thanks! Do I understand correctly that after installing the plugin I simply need to wait for google to index my omeka, since the website was submitted to google console prior to your plugin installation?

I think you need to submit the URL to the sitemap within the Google Search Console. In the console, there should be an item on the sidebar for your property named Sitemaps. On that screen, you need to specify the path to your Omeka installation followed by sitemap.xml so Google knows which file to process.

Ok, thanks again. Will try that now.

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