Incompatibilities between LDAP and CSVImport modules

We have been experiencing problems between LDAP module version 0.2 and CSVImport modules, both the official and the one created by Daniel KM in Omeka S 1.3.0 (and earlier versions of Omeka S such as 1.2.0, and so on)

We have activated LDAP module to allow users to log in with their ldap accounts. The problem comes up when we try to import a collection with the LDAP module activated: Every import runs endlessly and Omeka reports its status as “Starting”. So, for us, it’s impossible to import items while the LDAP module is activated.

The workaround is to deactivate the LDAP module and proceed to import items. That causes a lot of problems since we are importing a lot of collections and while doing so, our users can’t login into the platform.

Any idea on how to solve this?

You may have better luck reporting this to the LDAP module’s issue tracker… at least the “Omeka Team” people here on the forums won’t know much about issues involving that module.

Jobs being stuck on “Starting” generally don’t mean they’re running forever, but rather that they never started at all. Usually it means a fatal error occurred quite early in the startup process for the background job. One option to try to help you see what’s going on is to enable logging to a file for your PHP CLI… this is something you’d have to set up in your php.ini file and can be a little tricky (since sometimes there are different php.ini files for CLI vs. web), but if you turn on log_errors you can set error_log to the path to a writable file and PHP will log any errors that occur to that file.