Improving UX for saving map marker data?


I want to simplify the UX for our users entering spatial coordinates for display on the map. Our ontology has specific Lat/Lon fields for the data to be entered in, but I’d rather not require the users to perform any of the extra batch update steps then required to apply those fields.

  • Automatically populate the Map Marker on saving the Item, without having to run the batch afterwards
  • Use a combination of fields for the Map Marker Label, not just one
  • Not display the edit view Mapping tab to prevent confusion on where the data should be entered.
  • Possibly display our own Map tab or widget instead with the spatial coords input fields to visually confirm the correct entry.
  • Possibly use custom map marker pop-up layouts with other data fields

I assume this would all be custom code, i.e. using Events to trigger the required update, custom theme templates, etc, but has anyone already done anything similar I can use for inspiration?

One note here is we will later need polygon support, so we might head in the direction of the Cartography module, or perhaps build our own that more closely meets our particular needs, but I’d rather try find ways to stick closely to the mainline Mapping module due to it’s close integration with everything else.