Importing Neatline records

Is there any way to either import Neatline records into Omeka, or (ideally though perhaps not realistically) to use an external data source for them? Where are the records stored?

I am a professor who will be teaching a class on racialized migrants in Canada, the USA, and the UK. I thought about building a basic timeline for the class, and having students contribute to it as part of a class assignment.

After playing around with the Neatline SIMILE Timeline widget for a while, the problem that I’m finding is that the manually-inputted records are not as easy to input or manipulate as I’d like. The students will face some challenges, and I worry about how to maintain the data down the road. I have no idea where the records are stored. I don’t need to have the records tied to items; my timeline has no items at present.

What I’ve done instead is to create a Google Sheet with my data and hook it up to a Timemapper timeline. It would be amazing to be able to the same using Neatline, or at least be able to export the data from a spreadsheet into Neatline.

HI pashamkhan, there is currently no way to import Neatline records into Omeka, nor a way to use an external data source for them. The records you create in Neatline are stored in Omeka’s database, as their own records separate from Omeka’s other records types like Items and Collections. Using an external data set in Neatline Time sounds like a cool feature, and we’ll consider it!

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